Folder Player: MP3 player (Free and Pro) for Android (and Java Phones*)

*Note: If you need older (non-Android) version, please proceed to java phone version section.
Some older Android versions are not supported. If you need these apps, here is the latest for Android 4.4, and here is the latest for Android 2.3

What is Folder Player?

Folder Player is a free/pro Android application (no ads in both) which knows how to play entire directories of files! It can play individual files, folders, or whole folder trees.

Why another player for Android?

There are several great mp3 players out there. If you're happy with them, you probably don't need another one. But if you reached this site, you probably have the same problem as I had before I created this app - you tried many players , and your access to your music still too cumbersome.

Is Folder Player a solution?

Folder Player focuses on user experience for those who rely on folders to manage music collection. It simplifies interface to make access to music and audiobooks stored in directories quick, easy and enjoyable.

You open your player, and get to your music right away.

Free vs Pro

Free version
Pro version makes it even more powerful with
  • Unlimited tagging: Create as many tags (you can call them "playlists") as you like
  • Unlimited folder "bookmarks" to place on your home screen
  • Advanced crossfading: More track crossfading options
  • Auto-delete functions: Delete tracks "hands free" (skip track to keep it)
  • Auto playback of next folder
  • Pause playback on power loss
  • Early access to new versions


  • Touch folder's play icon to play songs inside the folder
  • Touch folder name to see songs inside folder.
  • Long touch play button to re-play song or whole folder.
  • Quick volume up\down or down\up for next\previous song (this would work only if screen is unlocked)

If something is wrong and you suspect corrupted data, reinstalling may not work as Android backs up and restores app states every time. Go to your phone settings, Apps, Folder Player, Storage, and tap "Clean Data"

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Question: Player shows FLAC/WAV/AAC/WMA files, but does not play them. Description mentioned you support them
Answer: As mentioned in the description, playback for these is supported only if hardware supports it. Folder Player does not have software decoder and relies on Android OS for playback. If it does not play, that means Android OS did not like it for some reason. Yes, it is possible to incorporate software decoders for all formats, but this would make the app unnecesserily bloated. Small apps is a good thing, right?

2. Question: I have music on my network drive. How can I play that from my phone?
Answer: Your phone is a Unix machine, and it is perfectly capable of mounting external network drives and see files as if the were stored locally. Unfortunately, most mobile operators block your ability to do that, however, if you happen to gain root access, you can search for "cifs" on Google Play and install application that allows this function. If you uncover a better solution please let me know, and I will post it here for others.

3. Question: Why player stops playing by itself? Is it a bug?
Answer: Audio tracks, technically, played by the Android OS, not by Folder Player. Folder Player will pause playback if it receives a request from your phone, such as bluetooth "stop" command, OR some other app, issuing "stop" command to external players. If you notice that playback does not switch to "next" song, this probably means that service was "killed", please see question #5 below.

4. Question: Why this app is running a background service?
Answer: Every music app needs to run a service, otherwise music will not be able to play in the background. If you want to shut down the service, use Menu->Exit in the app. But if you want to save your battery, you don't need to do that as Folder Player does not use your battery if music is not playing. Also, every service like that must be represented as an icon in the notification bar. If you want to hide the icon, go to your phone Settings->Application Manager->"Folder Player" and uncheck "Show Notifications"

5. Question: This app is praised in the reviews but it is crashes on my phone?
Answer: First of all, don't use "battery saver apps" and "automated task killers".
Android manages apps without additional help: these 3rd party apps just add glitches and completely useless, besides providing some placebo effect.
Another potential reason - some phone manufacturers activate extremely restrictive battery-saving modes, and kill everything that it considers "not active". You may want to check your phone battery settings.

6. Question: Why application is asking for phone ID permission if this app is just playing audio?
Answer: Permission "read phone status and identity" is required to pause\restart playback after user picks up or hangs the phone. Yes, this permission also allows to read ID of the phone - obviously Folder Player does not need/use any of that. In addition, the player does not have "internet permission", so the app can't transfer anything online.

7. Question: Does the app support playlists?
Answer: There is a support for similar functionality through the concept of "Tags". If you navigate to a track, in context menu you can associate song with a particular "tag". These tags are visible from the root, and can be played the same way as folders. Also, app supports m3u playlists which you create manually.

8. Question: App complains "read only" when deleting files from external SD card OR I delete files and they're not deleted (reappear).
Answer: In brief - Google screwed up external card security after Android 4. The way they "solve" this is they're presenting a very confusing system dialog, which allows user to grant write permission to SD Card. The way it works in Folder Player - when you start app for the first time, you should see a dialog to find your external card to enable write access, after which you will see these SYSTEM screens (the do not come from Folder Player):

If you want to re-run this process, just uninstall and reinstall the app.

9. Question: How about Chromecast support?
Answer: FolderPlayer does not implement this natively, however you can try this recommendation from Google to enable it.
Cast your Android Audio from the Google Home app

10. Question: My playback is distorted. Can you fix this?
Answer: FolderPlayer does not process the sound. It is just an interface to find a track to play, waiting for next track to start. During playback itself, FolderPlayer does virtually nothing, waiting for internal system Android media player to finish playback. If you hear any anomalies this should be a problem with the file itself, hardware/firmware of your phone, OR third party tools which may interfere with audio stream, such as equalizers.

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