What's New


(Apr) v.4.4.5 (Pro)

  • Fixed Search
  • Better access for attached drives
  • Other minor improvements

(Apr) v.4.4.4 (Pro)

  • "Gapless" is now an option
  • Eqzr button is always visible now
  • Gapless anomalies in "Queue" mode fixed

(Mar) v.4.4.3 (Pro)

  • New Updated UI to fit more elements
  • Fixed queue crashes
  • Fixed invocation from external apps
  • Other stability improvements

(Feb) v.4.4 (Pro)

  • New: playback is gapless now
  • New: playback does not depend on (potentially incorrect) values of length in mp3 tags for non-crossfading mode
  • Fixed: in "in folder" mode, deleting shuffled item glitch
  • Fixed: playback would restart after phone call after playlist ended


  • Fixed "freezing" progress bar
  • Fixed headset triple click to play previous
  • Fixed play icon would not always change to "paused" on newer devices
  • Fixed auto play when headset plugged in during phone call

(Nov 2017) v.4.3.2

  • New sleep option
  • Better SD Card detection
  • Fixed some crashes and other minor problems

(Nov 2017) (Pro-only) v.4.3.1

  • New: 2 sec crossfading
  • Fixed: Disabled control to delete root folders

(Oct 2017) v.4.3

  • New: Folder Bookmarks

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