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Freeware MP3 player for your Java Phone

Note: Version 1.0.2 is the last version for Java Phones. You can also contact nouse [at] web.de to inquire about unofficial mods of this software.

If you still have a Java phone - you can use this app to listen to you music on your phone. FolderPlayer MAY NOT work on your particular phone, due to lack of common standards across devices, however it will work on most.

IMPORTANT: You will need to grant access permissions to you phone's multimedia and file system. Different cellular carriers impose different limitation to unsigned applications. You may need to tweak your phone AND you need to set appropriate permissions for Folder Player, otherwise player wont work or you will be abused by annoying popups asking for permissions.

I highly encourage you to switch to Folder Player for Android
  • Lighweight and Fast
  • Plays music in selected (sub)folders recursively
  • Plays thousands of files
  • Supports custom fonts for mp3 tags
Unfortunately, some devices have poor built-in software, which doesn't allow you to listen to all songs you have, solving your carrier's problems (like attaching you to their services) instead of solving yours - enjoy your music library.

Download Folder Player 1.0.2 (December 2009)


Generic Version:

JAD: http://folderplayer.com/j2me/get/FolderPlayer.jad
JAR: http://folderplayer.com/j2me/get/FolderPlayer.jar

for cyrillic mp3 tags support
(you don't need this if you phone has cyrillic fonts):

JAD: http://folderplayer.com/j2me/get/cyr/FolderPlayer.jad
JAR: http://folderplayer.com/j2me/get/cyr/FolderPlayer.jar