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Folder Player (Free): What's New?

Warning - Google introduced new file system restrictions for Android 11+ which may affect your ability to see files. See details

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(Feb 2024) 5.22

  • Added: bitrate info when playing tagless
  • Added: webm format
  • Added: showing file names in queue
  • Added: customizing "skip" interval in seconds
  • Added: sleep timer button shows current sleep state
  • Added: Adding folders to playback queue
  • Added: Seek feature in Notification and Android Auto
  • Added: 1 min option for Skip, 10 min option for Sleep
  • Added: Support for individual Language config via "App Languages" phone setting
  • Added: Setting for screen unlock in battery mode
  • Fixed: deleted folder kept on the screen
  • Fixed: play-delete mode: missing popup
  • Fixed: playlist anomaly when skip to 1st item
  • Fixed: autostart playback glitch
  • Fixed: switching tracks loses play position
  • Fixed: .nomedia file for subtree playback
  • Fixed: Queue: playback continued from wrong track
  • Fixed: Active track may jump to wrong track after delete
  • Fixed: Italian translation
  • Fixed: playback stops after hitting phone home button
  • Fixed: disappearing queue button
  • Fixed: Removed legacy sorting feature from settings
  • Fixed: Family Link sleep mode, when app continues to play silently instead of pausing (This may fix some Android Auto problems as well)
  • Fixed: Various Android Auto adjustments and other fixes
  • Fixed: Hiding "Reading" message popup for folders opened fast
  • Fixed: Android Auto - track time formatting and empty framerate replaced with bitrate
  • Fixed: "tracks found" message not dismissed in some situations
  • Fixed: extra "skip" action at the end of playlist breaks UI
  • Fixed: switching to other track while playing seeks to the position of the previous track

Want to help translate (or improve translation) in your language? Please contact me

(June 2023) 5.04

  • New: Tagging and adding tracks to queue from inside search results
  • New: "True reshuffling" of folder trees. Maximize distance between tracks from same dir to minimize occurance of tracks in the same folder going one after another.
  • New: Two widgets (3x1 and 5x1) with back button
  • New: Sort button moved from settings to top menu
  • New: "Favorites" section in Android Auto
  • Fixed: XFading uses logarithmic volume change to improve experience
  • Fixed: Losing app state after phone restart
  • Fixed: Link to app store
  • Fixed: Potential "non-responding" errors
  • Fixed: anomalies with voice commands in Android Auto. Sometimes tracks would restart instead of resume.
  • Fixed: anomalies in "Open With" functionality - sometimes file would play several times
  • Fixed: the problem when user had to close the app multiple times. Typically triggered by search.
  • Fixed: Missing Exit button in notification (Android 13)
  • Fixed: Deleting Folders is back. For Android 11+, media files are deleted BUT folder technically remains in place while hidden in the app.
  • Fixed: Some shuffled tracks forgotten after restart
  • Fixed: import\export of tags for newer Android versions
  • Fixed: Android Auto: names of the tracks were incorrect for long track lists
  • Fixed: No pause on phone call
  • Many other smaller fixes for edge cases

(Dec 2022) 4.24

  • New Setting: 3rd "rewind" button in Notification
  • Fixed: Android Auto compatibility with playlists
  • "Skip Seconds" app setting now works with external media Buttons
  • More flexible Search - now separate words treated as "AND" condition, not just exact match for a phrase
  • Improved "What's New" dialog
  • Fixed: potential error where latest position of the paused playback is not saved
  • Fixed: "Where Was I" button is placed in a less distracting position now
  • Fixed: non-removable empty notification
  • Fixed: Sleep Timer fixes for some non-english locales
  • Improved French translation
  • Other bug fixes and stability improvements

(August 2022) 4.20

  • Fixed: App restart breaks notification (notification would be empty or present after app shutdown)
  • New Ukrainian translation and updated Russian
  • Other smaller bug fixes

(July 2022) 4.19

  • Fixed: Custom Home Dir breaks playback display
  • Fixed: .nomedia file does not hide dirs
  • Fixed: App would not exit completely on shutdown
  • Fixed: Blue background to indicate current tracks
  • Upated: more structured settings screen
  • New: Setting to pause upon loss of Audio Focus by other apps
  • New: Setting to auto start on Bluetooth connection
  • New: 45 min sleep option

(June 2022) 4.18

  • New: Option to swap Artist and track Title
  • New: import/export of tags (favorites)
  • New: Large text mode has larger folders now
  • New: +2 levels for sleep timer
  • New: setting to show file path in notification area
  • New: if mp3 tags missing, display folder name instead
  • New: ability to skip to beginning for paused tracks
  • New: ignoring system Mac files starting with "._"
  • New: Display bitrate and size in active track
  • New: Search does not need reindexing anymore
  • Updated: larger text in landscape mode
  • Updated: FR and DE translations
  • Updated: More compact text in widget
  • Updated: Large layout is larger
  • Fixed: "Keep screen unlocked" issue on Android 8+
  • Fixed: Improved loading times for long lists (and slow SD cards)
  • Fixed: losing Bluetooth controls connectivity after pause
  • Fixed: Android Auto - hanging at start for some devices
  • Fixed: rewind when non-standard speed activated
  • Fixed: active tags now showing for playing tracks in folder
  • Fixed: can't return to root in file selection dialogs
  • Fixed: double pause in "replay all" mode
  • Fixed: crossfading when hitting Next
  • Fixed: wrong seconds in time remaining
  • Fixed: Huawei glitches
  • Fixed: anomalies in Android Auto
  • Fixed: optimizations for reading large dirs
  • Fixed: numerous Android 11+ glitches
  • Fixed: irregularities in folder list display
  • Fixed: disappearing media controls in notification after app restart
  • Fixed: notification stuck after restarting app
  • Fixed: Some car models would not pause tracks using dashboard buttons
  • Fixed Android 11 file delete issues
  • Fixed: OGG crash on Android 6 and 7
  • Fixed: "Where was I" button in M3U playlists
  • Fixed: XFading glitch when skipping tracks

(Apr 2021) 4.10

  • New: +2 levels for sleep timer
  • dded AWB audio file support
  • Added OPUS tags support
  • Fixed: XFading glitch when skipping tracks
  • Fixed: Android Auto: autoplay of next folder
  • Fixed: playing next track after search
  • Fixed: showing empty tags in Android 11
  • Fixed anomalies with super long track fast forward
  • Fixed anomalies with next folder auto play
  • Fixed: Player would auto start playback upon launch from position 0 under some conditions
  • Fix for devices which cannot detect sd cards
  • Huawei workarounds

(Sep 2020) 4.9.7

  • New Red-on-Black theme
  • New: Sliding toolbar
  • New: Replay Gain option (volume equalization)
  • New: 0.5 - 0.9 speeds added
  • New: fade out for sleep timer
  • New: footer.jpg prioritized as an album image
  • New: After search: playback continues with next track in the found folder
  • Auto mark folders with saved position (narrow yellow stripe on the left)
  • Fixed widget layout (on some devices)
  • Fixed white theme on non-english locales
  • Updated Spanish and French translations (can somebody check them?)
  • Fix: Some tracks would miskakenly play once and stop.
  • Fixed: Invoking from external apps shows original dir
  • Fixed: UI glitch after deleting track
  • Fixes: Some Huawei workarounds (notifications)
  • Fixed: disappearing 2nd track sound on gapless (on some platforms)
  • Fixed: deleting file glitch while in playing mode

(Apr 2020) 4.9.4

  • New: playback speed
  • New: tagging while playing track in folder
  • New: blue highlight for all parent dirs, not just playing track
  • New: folder shuffle popup can stay longer (in settings)
  • New: ability to detect more connected drives
  • New: updated buttons for audio track menu and tags
  • Fixed: equalizer anomalies
  • Fixed: phantom notifications (on some platforms)
  • Fixed: displaying correct path in "Play Next"
  • Fixed: issues displaying active track in some situations
  • Fixed: losing track position in gapless mode in some situations
  • Fixed: problem deleting folder shortcut
  • Fixed: progress bar glitches for huge files
  • Fixed: accessibility for "Next" button
  • Fixed: some workarounds for Huawei (again! facepalm)
  • Fixed: track menu button made larger and easier to hit
  • Fixed: showing artist\title in notification on cold start
  • Fixed: layout "jump" glitch in some situations
  • Fixed: stop\start menu button crash after cold start
  • Updated: German and Polish translations
  • Changed: Limited # of top menu items to avoid settings lockouts on some devices
  • Changed: Shortened app menu to accomodate smaller devices

(Nov 2019) 4.9

  • New white theme
  • Fixed file display issues for certain file names
  • Other fixes and improvements

(July 2019) 4.8.1

  • Android Auto (initial) support
  • Menu/"Battery Use" option to help manage Android Power
  • Fixed: auto reshuffling of tracks after playlist replay (if you had a feeling you heard this song already - this is it)
  • Fixed: unwanted playback start when using external controls in some situations
  • "Where Was I" circle repositioned for better visibility
  • Context menu moved slightly to the left to reduce interference with scrolling
  • Fixed: scroll-to-searched
  • Fixed: inability to play searched item from large search results
  • Fixed: playback using media button right after application start
  • Fixed: progress bar would freeze on autorotation
  • Fixed: blue background glitches
  • Fixed: Back button scrolled to the top
  • Fixed: Crash when sharing playing file in folder
  • Rearranged context menu for easier access
  • Updated German translation

(May 2019) 4.7.3

  • Fixed: blue background glitches
  • Fixed: Back button scrolled to the top
  • Fixed: Crash when sharing playing file in folder
  • Rearranged context menu for easier access

(Apr 2019) 4.7.2

  • Stabiliy improvements
  • Removed album art limitations

(Apr 2019) 4.7

  • New: Fast scrolling
  • New: copy file feature
  • New: auto play on app start
  • New: Opus support
  • New: Sorting now honors track numbers
  • New: Vertical context menu
  • New: Stereo balance setting
  • New: Folder counter to display in car dashboard
  • Fixed: playback notification when starting playback from top menu
  • Fixed: Auto-jump to current track when opening folder
  • Fixed: Skip buttons tweaked for better precision
  • Denoting 1234-5678-like folder as SD Card, for clarity
  • Fixed: play order issue when playing folder AND switching to shuffle at the top menu.
  • Fixed: colors would make text invisible sometimes in notifications

(Nov 2018) 4.6.2

  • New: Customizing menu
  • Fixed: Rebuild Search Database button is back

(Oct 2018) 4.6.1

  • New: Skip buttons can be repurposed to skip time
  • New: Setting to play on device start
  • New: Midi format support
  • New Option: Menu at the bottom
  • Fixed: Switching Bluetooth without pausing
  • Fixed: display anomaly after deleting tracks
  • Fixed: Equalizer dropdown background color
  • Fixed: Broken gapless settings

(Sep 2018) 4.6

  • Fixed: Equalizer settings would reset after app restart
  • Changed: Sleep timer moved to main menu for convenience
  • Changed: Repeat mode moved to main menu to make it easier to use
  • New: first image inside folder is used as an album art
  • Fixed: move and delete files on external cards
  • Fixed: text visibility issues in settings
  • Fixed: file sharing in new Android versions
  • New (expandable) notification widget
  • Updated widgets (and +1 new)
  • Fixed current track anomaly when deleting tracks

(May) v.4.4.6

  • "Gapless" option
  • New Updated UI to fit more elements
  • Better access for attached drives
  • Fixed: invocation from external apps
  • New: playback no longer depends on incorrect MP3 tag length
  • Better compatibility with Bluetooth devices
  • Better support for play & stop
  • Various stability improvements tranfered from Pro


  • Fixed "freezing" progress bar
  • Fixed headset triple click to play previous
  • Fixed play icon would not always change to "paused" on newer devices
  • Fixed auto play when headset plugged in during phone call

(Nov 2017) v.4.3.2

  • New sleep option
  • Better SD Card detection
  • Fixed some crashes and other minor problems

(Oct 2017) v.4.3

  • New: Folder Bookmarks

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