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Folder Player Pro: What's New?

(Nov 2022) 4.23

  • "Skip Seconds" setting now works with external media Buttons
  • More "Empty Notification" fixes
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements

(Nov 2022) 4.22

  • Improved Search - now separate words treated as "AND" condition, not as exact match for a phrase
  • Fixed potential error where latest position of the paused playback is not saved
  • Improved "What's New" dialog
  • Another attempt to fix sticky empty notifications in some exotic situations

(Oct 2022) 4.21

  • Fixed: "Where Was I" button is less distracting now
  • Fixed: non-removable empty notification
  • Fixed: Sleep Timer fixes for some non-english locales
  • Fixed: Android Auto: remember playlist after reconnection

(July 2022) 4.20

  • Fixed: App restart breaks notification (notification would be empty or present after app shutdown)

(July 2022) 4.19

  • Fixed: Custom Home Dir breaks playback display
  • Fixed: .nomedia file does not hide dirs
  • Fixed: App would not exit completely on shutdown
  • Fixed: Blue background to indicate current tracks
  • Updated: more structured settings screen
  • New: Setting to pause upon loss of Audio Focus by other apps
  • New: Setting to auto start on Bluetooth connection
  • New: 45 min sleep option

(May 2022) 4.18

  • Improved loading times for long lists (and slow SD cards)
  • New: Option to swap Artist and track Title
  • Updated: More compact text in widget
  • Updated: Large layout is larger
  • Fixed: "Keep screen unlocked" issue on Android 8+

(Apr 2022) 4.17

  • Updated: showing missing files in M3U (Pro)
  • Updated: larger text in landscape mode
  • Updated: FR and DE translations
  • Fixed: losing Bluetooth controls connectivity after pause

(Mar 2022) 4.16

  • Fixed: Android Auto - hanging at start for some devices
  • Fixed: rewind when non-standard speed activated
  • Fixed: active tags now showing for playing tracks in folder
  • Fixed: can't return to root in file selection dialogs
  • Fixed: double pause in "replay all" mode
  • Fixed: continuous playback of folders (Pro) would stop is some cases
  • Fixed: crossfading when hitting Next
  • Fixed: wrong seconds in time remaining

(Nov 2021) 4.15

  • - New: import/export of tags (favorites)
  • - New: Large text mode has larger folders now
  • - Fixed: more Huawei glitches
  • Fixed: anomalies in Android Auto
  • Fixed: optimizations for reading large dirs
  • Fixed: numerous Android 11+ glitches

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