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Folder Player Pro: What's New?

(July 2024) 5.27

  • New: Dedicated skip seconds buttons for tracks
  • New: "Play Later" queue auto start
  • Fixed: "Play Later" position glitches
  • Fixed: (potentially) empty screen in Android Auto
  • Fixed: missing queue counter button when using bottom menu option
  • Other stability fixes

(June 2024) 5.26

  • New: Album name in folder play mode
  • New: Hiding sdcard path in top header for brevity
  • New: Queue auto start on adding track
  • Fixed: Autoplay option skips tracks on app start
  • Fixed: Menu start button skips tracks

(May 2024) 5.25

  • New: Sleep timer display
  • New: High contrast option
  • Updated: Adjusted large font sizes
  • Updated: German translation
  • Fixed: incorrect sleep times for non-EN locales
  • Stability fixes

(Apr 2024) 5.24

  • Added: Play Next queue: now sortable with new UI
  • Added: Play Next queue: stop at the end setting
  • Added: 3rd option for large fonts
  • Fixed: M3U files missing in older Androids
  • Fixed: Some stability issues

(Feb 2024) 5.22

  • Added: Setting for screen unlock in battery mode
  • Fixed: Hiding "Reading" message popup for folders opened fast
  • Fixed: Android Auto - track time formatting and empty framerate replaced with bitrate

Post-release hotfixes in build 312:

  • Fixed: "tracks found" message not dismissed in some situations
  • Fixed: extra "skip" action at the end of playlist breaks UI
  • Fixed: switching to other track while playing seeks to the position of the previous track
  • Fixed: start from widget adds playback pause

(Jan 2024) 5.21

  • Added: file path in queues for tagless tracks
  • Added: Support for individual Language config via "App Languages" phone setting
  • Fix: playback stops after hitting phone home button
  • Fix: disappearing queue button
  • Fix: (Free ver) Removed legacy sorting feature from settings
  • Fix: Family Link sleep mode, when app continues to play silently instead of pausing (This may fix some Android Auto problems as well)

(Dec 2023) 5.2

  • Fix: Queue: playback continued from wrong track
  • New: Adding folders to playback queue
  • Fix: Active track may jump to wrong track after delete
  • Fix: Italian translation updates
  • New: Seek feature in Notification and Android Auto
  • New: 1 min option for Skip, 10 min option for Sleep
  • Fix: small Android Auto adjustments
  • Other minor fixes

(Aug 2023) 5.1

  • New: bitrate info when playing tagless
  • New: webm format
  • New: showing file names in queue
  • New: customizing \"skip\" interval
  • New: sleep timer button shows state
  • Fixed: deleted folder kept on the screen
  • Fixed: play-delete mode: missing popup
  • Fixed: playlist anomaly when skip to 1st item
  • Fixed: autostart playback glitch
  • Fixed: switching tracks loses play position
  • Fixed: .nomedia file for subtree playback

(May 2023) 5.04

  • - Fixed anomalies with voice commands in Android Auto. Sometimes track would restart instead of resume.
  • - Fixed anomalies in "Open With" functionality - sometimes file would play several times
  • - Fixed the problem when user had to close the app multiple times. Typically triggered by search.

(May 2023) 5.03

  • Fixed: XFading uses logarithmic volume change to improve experience
  • Fixed: losing app state after phone restart
  • Fixed: link to app store
  • Fixed: Potential "non-responding" errors
  • New: Favorite section in Android Auto

(Feb 2023) 5.02

  • Fixed: Exit button in notification (Android 13)
  • Fixed: Deleting Folders is back. For Android 11+, media files are deleted BUT folder technically remains in place while hidden in the app.
  • New feature: Tagging and adding tracks to queue from inside search results

(Jan 2023) 5.01

  • New feature: True reshuffling. Maximize distance between tracks from same dir to minimize occurance of tracks in the same folder going one after another (For folder tree shuffle playback)
  • Fixed: shuffled tracks forgotten after restart
  • Fixed: import\export of tags for newer Android versions
  • Fixed: Android Auto: names of the tracks were incorrect for long list

(Jan 2023) 5.0

This is a major new release 5.0. Much of the playback queuing was rewritten to make the player much more stable. This solved many of the smaller problems existed om the players for years, mostly related to shuffling and changes in the file system during playback. PLEASE let me know if you see any anomalies with playback, as this is a new system and things may not work as expected so I can fix them ASAP.
Other things:
  • New: Two widgets (3x1 and 5x1) with back button
  • New: Sort button moved from settings to top menu
  • Fixed: No pause on phone call
  • A lot of other smaller fixes for special use cases

(Dec 2022) 4.24

  • New Setting: 3rd "rewind" button in Notification
  • Fixed: Android Auto compatibility with playlists
  • Improved French translation
  • Some crashes fixed

(Nov 2022) 4.23

  • "Skip Seconds" setting now works with external media Buttons
  • More "Empty Notification" fixes
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements

(Nov 2022) 4.22

  • Improved Search - now separate words treated as "AND" condition, not as exact match for a phrase
  • Fixed potential error where latest position of the paused playback is not saved
  • Improved "What's New" dialog
  • Another attempt to fix sticky empty notifications in some exotic situations

(Oct 2022) 4.21

  • Fixed: "Where Was I" button is less distracting now
  • Fixed: non-removable empty notification
  • Fixed: Sleep Timer fixes for some non-english locales
  • Fixed: Android Auto: remember playlist after reconnection

(July 2022) 4.20

  • Fixed: App restart breaks notification (notification would be empty or present after app shutdown)

(July 2022) 4.19

  • Fixed: Custom Home Dir breaks playback display
  • Fixed: .nomedia file does not hide dirs
  • Fixed: App would not exit completely on shutdown
  • Fixed: Blue background to indicate current tracks
  • Updated: more structured settings screen
  • New: Setting to pause upon loss of Audio Focus by other apps
  • New: Setting to auto start on Bluetooth connection
  • New: 45 min sleep option

(May 2022) 4.18

  • Improved loading times for long lists (and slow SD cards)
  • New: Option to swap Artist and track Title
  • Updated: More compact text in widget
  • Updated: Large layout is larger
  • Fixed: "Keep screen unlocked" issue on Android 8+

(Apr 2022) 4.17

  • Updated: showing missing files in M3U (Pro)
  • Updated: larger text in landscape mode
  • Updated: FR and DE translations
  • Fixed: losing Bluetooth controls connectivity after pause

(Mar 2022) 4.16

  • Fixed: Android Auto - hanging at start for some devices
  • Fixed: rewind when non-standard speed activated
  • Fixed: active tags now showing for playing tracks in folder
  • Fixed: can't return to root in file selection dialogs
  • Fixed: double pause in "replay all" mode
  • Fixed: continuous playback of folders (Pro) would stop is some cases
  • Fixed: crossfading when hitting Next
  • Fixed: wrong seconds in time remaining

(Nov 2021) 4.15

  • - New: import/export of tags (favorites)
  • - New: Large text mode has larger folders now
  • - Fixed: more Huawei glitches
  • Fixed: anomalies in Android Auto
  • Fixed: optimizations for reading large dirs
  • Fixed: numerous Android 11+ glitches

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